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Let’s define concrete objectives to optimize your project!

Your project

Do you want to combine romance with rentability? This is precisely what PAPATY offers you: a perfect investment in Paris.
To start with, PAPATY helps you define your objectives—making a profit, buying in a prime location, or diversifying your portfolio.

Then, PAPATY will help you make it happen.

Valuety Pack

Valuety package:

This stands for ‘Value + Property’. This package is the one to go for if you are looking to increase rentability and/or profit when it comes to resale.The priority, here, is not location but potential capital appreciation. The key is to buy well.

Primety pack

Primety package:

This stands for ‘Prime Location + Property’. Picking this package means choosing a secure and sustainable investment, as the focus is on the best locations in Paris.
Only the address and the inner qualities of the apartment and the building count.

Triplety Pack

Triplety package:

This stands for ‘Triple + Property’.
Choose this package if you are looking to diversify your property investment in three top destinations. These destinations—Paris, Nice and London—are three cities where the possibilities of letting out at a good level of income are constant and where the sustainability of the investment is assured in the long run.

Valuety Pack

If your objective is to make a profit when it comes to reselling your property or to get a good yield in terms of rent, then the ‘trendy’ districts might not be the best choice. The key lies, rather, in the transaction. For instance:

  • Bought below market value or well valued, the property can only appreciate with time and some remodelling/redecorating.
  • Be visionary and invest in areas where there is potential, e.g. where city-planning is scheduled. We are here to help spot these high potential areas.

PAPATY gives you the keys to understand the market to help you picture and optimise your investment and seize the best opportunities.

Primety Pack

If your objective is buying to make a safe investment with no risk, then focus on location. Look for:

  • Tourist areas, in the centre of lively and chic neighbourhoods, very well connected to public transport. E.g. St Germain des Près, Le Marais, Palais Royal.
  • Handsome, well maintained period buildings, e.g. Haussmannian buildings or buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries.
  • High standard apartments, well laid-out, on a high floor, with a lift and good views.

PAPATY sources the best properties and verifies its specifications to guarantee you a sustainable investment.

Triplety Pack

Paris, Nice and London are cities where the possibilities to let out at a good level are constant and where the sustainability of the investment is assured in the long term.

  • Always sought-after, Paris is far from being the museum-city many often describe it as. Its last city-planning outcomes can prove it: the regeneration of Les Halles Quarter and the renovation of the Republique Square, once not crossable by foot, and which, today, has become a meeting place where kids roll past on skateboards, families stroll around and people from all generations meet and talk.

  • Nice is home to the third biggest airport in France in terms of passengers (after Roissy/CDG and Orly, Paris’s airports) and, as such, has good international connections. Its tramway, its old town, and modern city centre attract as many families coming from France as foreigners who love the Promenade des Anglais. It is a major city for students, having both international business schools and well ranked universities.

  • London competes only with New York for the title of ‘cosmopolitan capital of the world’. It is always developing, with new quarters mushrooming in places like King’s Cross or near the Thames. Residential real estate prices have gone up dramatically and prices tend to fluctuate more in London than in Paris; however, some quarters are still safe investments in terms of value (Chelsea, South Kensington, Knightsbridge) while others still have a margin for capital appreciation (the East End, for instance).


PAPATY will work with you throughout the process:

  • Defining the project and setting clear objectives for investment along with advice for choosing the best package.
  • Preliminary reports including information based upon objectives and parameters of investment.
  • Choosing the best rental scheme according to the objectives and circumstances of the investor.
  • Assessment of the potential value of several opportunities spotted by PAPATY presented in a spreadsheet.
  • Cashflow and amortisation (added option).
  • Choosing the best legal structure to hold the property (Société Civile Immobilière [SCI] or other).
  • Working with you until finding you a good tenant and putting property management in place (with our partner).
  • Tax return (added option, provided by partner).



During a face-to-face or a call meeting we review your invesment project and objectives. You already get some advice, free of charge and with no commitment.

Stage 1 > Consulting fee

We charge between £300 (GBP) (for a tiny studio-flat) and £2,000 (for a private mansion). This varies depending on the property type.

Stage 2 > Success fee

This is usually commission based on the purchase price. A fixed fee can be agreed if necessary.

Our commission is only taken if you buy a property within the search period. If we don’t find a property that you want to buy, you will not have to pay this fee. Your only commitment is to search only through us.

The success fee is calculated per band [link to simulation doc].

Our packages

  • valuety pack
  • Primety
  • Triplety

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