Only 3 months to show you 10 properties that meet your criteria. We guarantee it!

A glance at the market

Are you tempted to check out properties on the internet to get an idea of the market? Be careful, as many websites are not frequently updated and can show misleading information. This map (data dates from Feb. 2019) will show you the prices per square metre, per district, per street and even per address. Although this source is reliable, it should not be the only tool you use to make a decision.

Capture carte M.A. fev2019

Understand Paris in five key points :

  • There are 20 districts (arrondissements): they are formed like a snail, starting from the centre (1st district) and spiralling outwards in a clockwise direction.
  • Paris and its suburbs: inner city Paris (‘intramuros’) is separated from its suburbs by the ‘périphériques’ a ring road and its numerous gates (e.g. porte Dauphine, porte de St Ouen, porte Dorée).
  • Transport: it’s not necessary, and even ill-advised, to use a car in Paris as it is often difficult to park. Nevertheless, the public transport network is excellent—there is the metro, bus, RER, tramway, batobus, taxis, velib (bicycle scheme) and autolib (car scheme).
  • Some quarters of Paris: République (3rd/11th), Châtelet-les-Halles (1st), Saint-Germain (6th), le Marais (4th), Grands Boulevards (9th), Canal Saint-Martin (10th), Champs Elysées (8th), Montmartre (18th), l’île Saint-Louis (4th), Opéra (9th).
  • Business Quarter: Le Défenes, found in the west of the city, towered over by its skyscrapers.

Looking for an expert?

See if you answer yes to any of the below. If so, PAPATY can help. 


  • Are you based overseas and/or too busy to manage all the aspects related to the purchase of an apartment in Paris (e.g. visits, market prices, negotiation, legwork, notarisation)?

  • Are you pressed for time and do you want to get results within a timeframe?

  • Do you want access to off-market properties and opportunities not listed on the internet?

  • Do you want to avoid dealing with a large number of agents and leaving your personal details with them?

  • Do you want to pay a reasonable price, not a tourist price?

To summarise, if you are looking for efficiency, discretion and a very personal service, then PAPATY’s expertise and know-how are at your service.

PAPATY’s method

As soon as you register with PAPATY, you will receive bespoke advice based on your project.


There are three stages:

  1. You contact us and then we set up a call or face-to-face meeting. We review your requirements and assess the feasibility of your project within a specific timeframe.
  2. You book PAPATY UK’s consulting service. You will receive a tailored report and access to a private space online to follow the progress of the search.
  3. We set a plan of action and launch the search with a first shortlist of properties (a finding agreement is signed with PAPATY SARL).

From the moment you complete the registration process, we are then in constant contact. In particular, we get back to you in less than three months with at least five apartments that meet your defined criteria (this guarantee is not applicable if your criteria are too restrictive). We might find your perfect property from the initial shortlist (and we can then move to the stage of negotiation and securing the deal). Not only do we guarantee due diligence, but we also commit to getting you results! In fact, you will be reimbursed should we fail to provide you with these five proposed properties in line with your criteria (less the admin fee).


The property search takes place under the conditions of full transparency and information sharing. Just some of the advantages of our search are listed below.  

  • Fully independent: we have almost total access to all the properties on, and off, the market. Our knowledge of the market and our network of various stakeholders and real estate professionals will allow you to benefit from the best opportunities, including some not yet listed on property websites or in agency window displays.

  • Another advantage: we can pre-visit properties and send you detailed reports with photos and sometimes video. We then make shortlists of the ones that best match your criteria.

  • You can follow the progress of our search on your behalf on a private online space which is regularly updated and where you can find vital information such as: the exact address of properties; maps with pinpoint marks on, so you can familiarise yourself with properties (with street view mode available); photos; and sometimes videos.


When the property has been found, and your offer accepted, we stay on your side until completion and after. Below we explain how the process works. 

  • We will recommend the best notary according to your project (and, importantly, someone who speaks the same language as you).

  • A preliminary sales agreement is signed by your notary.

  • A few weeks later, upon another signing, the sale is completed and you become a happy owner of your new home in Paris.

  • Upon signing both contracts, PAPATY will review and explain the terms and conditions to you, in detail.

  • You have to attend both signings unless power of attorney is arranged.

PAPATY will work with the notary to make sure that your rights and interests are translated into the contract.

Our knowledge of each file, the property and the circumstances of the seller give us a global view of the transaction. This allows us to secure the most difficult transactions.

PAPATY’s service

PAPATY’s service covers all aspects related to the acquisition of the property:

Pre-acquisition services:

  • Buying process explained
  • Definition of requirements
  • Market research conducted according to property search specifications
  • Data on selling prices
  • Mortgage advice for residents and non-residents

Property finding services:

  • Sourcing properties matching specific requirements
  • Pre-visits and detailed reports with photos/videos
  • Property tour with client
  • Negotiating and closing the deal
  • Securing the transaction
  • Review of technical surveys and building reports
  • Arranging quotes with contractors
  • Liaising with notaries/lawyers
  • Following up and assisting client throughout

Post-acquisition services:

  • Setting up contracts with utility companies
  • Setting up internet
  • Taking out home insurance
  • Opening a bank account to pay service charges and bills
  • Other admi
  • Property management
  • Finding a good tenant
  • Interior design

Some of the services above are provided by trusted partners (most of whom we have worked with for a long time) and are not included in PAPATY’s fee.


preliminary stage

We assess your project during a face-to-face or call meeting. You already get some advice. This stage is free of charge with no commitments.

Stage 1 > Consulting fee

We charge between £280 (GBP) (for a tiny studio-flat)) and £2,000 (for a private mansion). This varies according to the property type.

Stage 2 > Success fee

This is usually commission based on the purchase price. A fixed fee can be agreed instead if you prefer. Our commission is only taken if you buy a property within the search period. If we don’t find a property that you want to buy, you will not have to pay this fee. Your only commitment is to search only through us.

The success fee is calculated per band [link to simulation doc].

Papaty Showcase

  • Rue-Rivoli-06222019_112320.jpg


    Bought in 2019 and rented by PAPATY's partner

    A contemporary large 1 bedroom-apartment with balcony. High floor with lift in a beautiful Empire building. After a long property search, once completed, our team has furnished this apartment which was in perfect condition and found a specialist to rent it at above rent control price (international corporate renter).

  • réalisations PAPATY
    papaty's success stories

    The purple marks are the apartments sourced and secured on behlaf of our registered clients, in brown the past clients who have resold using PAPATY (most of our clients still use their home).
  • Image00008

    Found by PAPATY en of 2018 - client based in London,  we found a reliable tenant begining of 2019
    A 1-bedroom apartment on the top floor or an Art-Deco building with lift. It comes with a basement. Excellent rental return. 
  • papaty-paris-17-rooftop-apartment-penthouse



    An outstanding 2 bed. 2 bath. apartment in historical building on rue du dragon.  

    More details

  • papaty-paris-17-rooftop-apartment-penthouse


    Secured and negotiated by PAPATY in 2017

    An eagle's nest! A contemporary 2 bed. 2 bath. rooftop apartment overlooking Paris.  

    More details

  • Image00001 Fili



    A classical 2 bed. 2 bath. apartment with balcony. High floor with lift in a Haussaman type building. It comes with a caretaker and parking space next door. Sold at asking price.  

    More details

  • Tilleuls_vue_s_.jpg

    PARIS 16E villa montmorency - rare!

    Bought in 2019 THANKS TO PAPATY

    Situated in the very posh Villa Montmorency private community, a 100m² apartment to renovate throughout with South facing balcony with open views. 


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